Workshop with Ina May Gaskin
November 17./18. November 2018

Saturday, 10.00 – 18.00
20.00 h Film: Birthstory – Ina May & the FARMmidwives
Sunday: 9.00-17.00

Ina May Gaskin´s workshop is now part of the Austrian Doulatraining since 2005. Usually we enjoyed her presence without opening it to the public. But this year I decided to give the opportiunity to take part to all those who love her and want to meet her in person. Ina May is 77 years old and we don´t know how long she will be willing to travel to Austria in the coming years… So take the chance to meet your hero live!

Ina May is sharing her wisdom most of the time in stories, you´ll never forget. She is teaching about her way into midwiferywisdom, what Doulas, Midwives and Doctors need to know about the sacrament of birth, how we can help women to enjoy their birthexperience and will answer all your questions.

To read more about Ina May Gaskin:

The workshoplanguage is English. There might be a professional translation into German, if needed.

QUESTIONS? Write me a message!


Mediensaal (1st floor), NMS Fürstenfeld

Schillerplatz 2, 8280 Fürstenfeld

Registration & Payment

Registration fee: € 250  

Please pay via


AT 391700000480129806


to complete your registration process! Thank you for your investment in changing birthculture wherever you are!

Cancellation conditions:

25 € processing fee until 1. 11. 2018

50 € processing fee  1. 11. – 10. 11. 2018

After 10. 11. 2018 a return of 200€ can only be done if a new participant from a waitinglist is signing up.

You can always give your ticket to a substitute participants without any additional costs – only tell us her/his name!

That´s why we strongly recommend to make a contract with a workshopcancellationinsurance. TIPP: Before doing that you might ask your creditcardcompany/travelinsurance if they cover cancellations, too!

You can book your cancellation-insurance online here for € 12.50!


The room is not includes in the workshop fee. The closest place to stay in JUFA, the youth-and family hotel. I would recommend that foe thos who can effort the little higher price than the other houses ask for. Most other adresses are little houses for only few guests and cheaper. There´s also a campingplace for those who want to camp!

JUFA Fürstenfeld Burgenlandstraße 15, 8280 Fürstenfeld Telefon: 057 083 250


Über den Link gelangst du auch zu anderen Zimmervermietern in Fürstenfeld!


BARBARA´s Bed & Breakfast

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About meals and places to get food

Very close to the eventplace there is a good restaurant:

Das Fürstenbräu 

Reservation (Tel. +43 3382 55255 online reservation possible!) should be done! They offer Lunchbuffet!

Lokal fastfood restaurant – Schnitzelcorner

Supermarket: Eurospar

In a short distance by car:

C&C WOK – Chinese buffet

The Italian – Italian restaurant
Mc Donald´s with Mc Café
More informations about restaurants in Fürstenfeld:

Adventures for your family

While the workshop happenes your family can us the room I booked in JUFA, last floor. This is normally a parents- & childinitiative, but it´s this weekend exclusivly booked for our beloved!

In the region there are many adventures waiting you shouldn´t miss!

Schokoladefabrik Zotter mit Tiergarten

Therme Loipersdorf

Therme Blumau

Tierpark Herberstein

Burg Riegersburg

Traditional, cheap and „typical stysian, housemade“ food is offered in the socalled Buschenschank. Closest to the workshop is in Altenmarkt. It opens at 3pm.

Urschler Hans-Peter, 8280 Altenmarkt 162, 0664/3503275